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The Richard K. Baldwin Sr's of Yacolt, WA.
Richard Kent Baldwin surname list
Richard K. Baldwin and Mary L. Angle of Yacolt, WA.
Mary's grandfather John William Angle was a railroader, who lived in Levenwoth, KS. and was married to Elizabeth Bell Williams. Both of these Grandparents are reportedly from the area of Joplin and Springfield, MO. Her Mother and Grandmother were born in Nemaha, IO. Her grandmother was a Myott and her grandfather a Roberts.
Louis Amyotte from Fort Coulonge Quebec
Louis Amyotte born 1851 married to Emily Laverdure born 1850 father of Adelard Amyotte born 1879 who was married to Rose Drapeau born 1864 in Lapasse Quebec. They had a son named Moise Amyotte of Bonfield Ontario born 1910.
Amiot Connections
This is a website of compiled lineages and charts, and family photo's of visitors who descend from Philippe Amiot (aka Amyot, Amyotte etc.)
Villeneuve Connections
Be A Villeneuve Connections Listed Site! Submit Your Website Today & Join our online forum! Submit your Villeneuve query on our message board or for publication in our quarterly newsletter, so researchers who are not online can read them too! We also have an online Family Group Sheet form to submit your ancestors for our database! Submit your favorite recipe using our online form (You may qualify to receive a free complimentary back issue of the newsletter! Find out how on our site!)
genealogy of the Cimiotti family
Originating from Friuli-Venezia-Giulia (Carnia/Italy))Leonard Cimiotti settled in Amoeneburg(Germany)in 1735.There are hundreds of descendants in Germany and the USA today.
The Dezotells and related families
The family being tracked at this site have it's origins in PQ (Quebec). From there they go to NY, WI, MN, SK, SD, CA, OR and WA.

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