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Trotter Clearing House
We have several different lines of Trotter information on our site. Please check out the Records link or do a search on the site to see if you find a connection to your lines.
Alice Ament Davidson Gedge
I have some pictures of ancestors, a researched database, and pages of continuing research by surname
Genealogy Work in Progress
Researching ancestors from England, France, Germany, Ireland, and Sweden.
O\Berry ,Wyatt,Doss and Horosco Family
A world-connect database of family relating to Nancy Horosco.
I have these surnames so far, Brayton, Davol,Gallop,Potter and Smith. These relatives are mainly from New England.
The Fildes/Fitch Family Tree
Tracing the Fildes, Fitch, Hubbell, Hoffee family trees back from Tennessee and Wayne Co., IL to CT and England.
Nicolas Blackhurst's Home Page
This is a list of the people responsible for my being here. If you wish to blame anyone, blame them! It was their fault. There are also links to other useful sites
Bruskotter and Kestly Genealogy Site
The Bruskotter and Kestly families of Ohio and Wisconson
Patricia Cotter
Patricia Cotter make use of frames in presenting her Ancestry lines. There is alot of information here on Irish and German lines
Blust, Reed, Mills, Thomson and Other Family Lines
Visit our Blust Family Page! Descendants of George Blust of Seneca Co. Ohio - Descendants presently known to be located in Ohio, Indiana, California, and Washington state.
Southwest Virginians
Covers the Keister-Foster, Roseberry-Sutton and Howell-Burnop and many other related families. These families have been in southwest Virginia for over 250 years primarily in Pulaski, Montgomery, Floyd and Carroll Counties.
My Genealogy Home Page
Michael D Beamer surname list
D * N * A ~ Beachboard and Timblin Trees
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of William Beachboard D * N * A ~ Beachboard and Timblin Trees: Surname List
The Beatys and Littles of Ireland and India
BEATY I am researching the BEATY family, originally from Ireland. From family folklore Francis BEATY was born in Tullamore, Ireland in 1757 . Francis and his wife Catherine gave birth to three sons, John, Francis and Henry, probably in Stoke Damerel, Devon, while he served in the Royal Navy. In 1820 Francis and 1821 Henry, joined the Honourable East India Company Army as Cadets in Bengal, India. The elder son of Francis, named Francis Henry BEATY, and his wife Caroline Ophelia (n?e Sheels), had fifteen children all born in India. Five of the sons served in the Indian Police. The Beaty family finally left India in 1948. The cities in India and Pakistan that feature in the family history are Lahore, Jhansie, Karachi, Landour, Mussoorie, Quetta, Rawlpindi and Simla. LITTLE/LYTTLE I am also researching the LITTLE/LYTTLE family from Northern Ireland. In 1839 Andrew LITTLE was born in the Parish of Montiaghs, Lurgan, County Armagh, Northern Ireland, to Thomas and Mary (n?e Wilson) LITTLE. In 1858 he joined the 27th Inniskilling Regiment and sailed to India. He remained in India and retired from the army in 1894. He died in Dehra Dun, India in 1926. He had five children Mary Anne, Thomas Wilson, William John (my grandfather) Edward and Andrew. The surname spelling changed to LYTTLE with the children. The cities in India/Pakistan that feature in the family history are Dehra Dun, Jhansie, Karachi,Lahore, Meerut, North West Province,Peshawar and Simla. The Beatys and Littles of Ireland and India: Surname List
Frank James Joseph Beattie surname list
The Wellever - Leroy Family of Door County, Wisconsin
Vicki Baum's Family Tree 1 The Baum family is directly from Germany as my father came to the U.S. in 1935 at the age of 25. The Copiskey family was in Wisconsin in the 1860's, marrying in Milwaukee on 2 Dec 1868 and residing in Ozaukee County in the 1870 census. They then moved to Door County about 1885. The Leroy family was from Beauharnais, Canada. William came to Door County in the early 1850's and married Almira Post in 1853. The Wellever family I have traced to about 1780 in New Jersey. David Wellever married Jane Lowe who was from Pennsylvania; her father being John. The Ammidown family is from Massachusetts. John Smith Ammidown married Pheobe Wilcox, whose father was Caleb. They resided in Stueben County, New York. The Post and Franklin line connect to the Leroy line. David Post was from New York and Sarah Franklin from Rhode Island according to the census.
My Genealogy Home Page
nancy baughman surname list
Book: THE BAUGHMAN FAMILY InterneTree: John F Baughman THE BAUGHMAN FAMILY TREE: Surname List
The Nelson Family Home Page
InterneTree: Ancestors of Sven August Nilsson The Nelson Family Home Page: Surname List
Bates Family Home Page
Eldridge Bates (B. 11/09/1849, Ohio) & Susan Barr (B. 1833) Hill Eldridge Bates (B. 11/25/1858, Ohio) & Anna Brady Bates children Clifton Bates (08/05/1894) Howard Bates Cornelia Bates Madaline Bates (08/06/1892, WI) Robert Bates Oscar Bates (B. 1850, Ohio) Dale Bates (B. 1855, Ohio) Benjamin (Bates) Hoadley (B. 3/29/1860, Ohio) William Bates (B. 1864, Ohio) Emma Bates (B. 1866, Ohio) Robert E Bates MD - InterneTree
My Branch of the Seaton Family Tree
Pearl Barker born 1897 died 1971 in Aspen Co. Married Nelson Smith in Carthridge Mo in 1915. Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Seaton My Branch of the Seaton Family Tree: Surname List
ELIHU ALLEN BROCK Family Tree Debra Brock Family Tree
The Batten, Rose & Broadwell Families of Johnston County, NC
Batten - Daniel Batten (1638) with a possible link to Ashael Batten (1607), from Bristol, England to Isle of Wight County, Virginia to Johnston County, North Carolina. His spouse is unknown at this time. Ashael had four wives. Rose - Theophilus Rose, Sr. (1765) who died in Wayne County, North Carolina. He was married to Christiana Unknown. Broadwell - Edward Broadwell (1625) of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England to Morristown, Essex County, New Jersey to Johnston County, North Carolina. He was married to Unknown. Genealogy Report: Descendants of Edward Broadwell Genealogy Report: Descendants of Theophilus Rose, Sr. Genealogy Report: Descendants of Ashael Batten The Batten, Rose & Broadwell Families of Johnston County, NC: Surname List
Geoff Bateson Family Home Page
The Batesons have been in Australia for 6 generations. Most other ancestors would come from somewhere in the United Kingdom. InterneTree: Geoff Bateson
The Never Ending Tree
Book: Colleen's Family The Never Ending Tree: Surname List
The Christina Batzle Family Home Page
Thomas Brownell family of Derbyshire, England, who was born in 1608. The Christina Batzle Family Home Page: Surname List
Bastians -Tuttles - Tolles - Petersons
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Virginia Lee Bastian All-in-One Tree of Johan Georg Stenfelt (PDF Format) All-in-One Tree of Virginia Lee Bastian (PDF Format) Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Virginia Lee Bastian (View PDF) Almond Butler, Alvin, Albin, A. B., and Colonel Metcalf. He lived at Fort Dodge, KS in the late 1800s and the early 1900's He died 1933 in Dodge City, KS. Bastians -Tuttles - Tolles - Petersons: Surname List
The Steve Bast Family Home Page
Steve Bast surname list
Families of My Paternal and Maternal Branches
All-in-One Tree of Joseph Baskas (PDF Format) All-in-One Tree of Daniel Richard Pike (PDF Format) All-in-One Tree of Margaret Josephine Kanelly (PDF Format) Families of My Paternal and Maternal Branches: Surname List
Basford, Bashford , --Bath ,Menifee, Montgomery Co, Ky.
Ancestors of John W. Basford, b, 1790, Va. Married Elizabeth Norris, 1809 in Mason,Co, Ky. b, 1792 in Va. Daughter of John Norris and Hannah McCarty. Children-- Issac, James, John Jr.,Elizabeth,Hannah, Mary Ann, Martha, All lived in Bath Co, Ky. Genealogy Report: Descendants of John W .Basford,Sr. Basford, Bashford , --Bath ,Menifee, Montgomery,Co. Ky.: Surname List
Miller Family Genealogy
Miller Family Genealogy: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Book: Ancestors and Descendants
The Bas Family from Portland, Oregon
Lindstrom Branch
Humboldt Honey's Home Page
Humboldt Honey's Home Page: Surname List
The Colorado Basanez Family History Page
Report: Report Craig Gene Basanez surname list
William Reyer Barrett
William R Barrett - InterneTree
My Genealogy Home Page
William G Barnes SURNAME LIST
Wendy Barbour of Northern Ca.
Wendy Barbour Family Tree

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