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Description: also Mattern,Matern,Mathern. Believed to be from Switzerland originally.

Surnames: Mottern

Ron Harmer
Description: Looking for any information on the HARMER family that lived in Norfolk ENG. in the 1800's that emigrated to Ontario Canada


Lettie Kirby
Description: I am searching the New Scotland, Albany, New York area for the John MaGee who married Fanny Luke, Feb. 15, 1845. I am trying to find the proof of his parentage. This family was associated with the Dutch Reformed Church in the mid 1800's. They were farmers and are buried in the Jerusalem Cemetery, Feura Bush, New York.

Surnames: Dalton or Daulton
Goca or Goakey
Kerby or Kirby
Kreider or Krieder
Luke or Laux
McGee or MaGee
Peavey or Peavy
Schwarz or Schwartz
Tezon or Tesson

Elaine Suhre
Description: I am trying to find origins and connections for my Gx4 Grandfather Philip ALEXANDER. He is said to have served in the Rev. War, but I can find no record of him. His son David ALEXANDER was b. 1789 in DE.

The only poss. direct info. I have in regards to Philip ALEXANDER is the Estate Settlement of a Philip ALEXANDER who d. intestate c. 1794 Kent Co. DE Ducks Creek One Hundred. In the list are mentioned a son David and a dau. Rachel who were still underage at the time of Philip's death. I would appreciate any clues as to ascertaining if this is the Philip ALEXANDER of our family. Many thanks.

Surnames: Alexander Potter Turney Matheny Haynes Butler Day Robertson Chapman Kennerly McDowell Marvel Rogers Tice Whitmore

Rosalyn Petersen Genung
Description: Doing research on Grandmother - Laura Petrea Lauritsen/Lauridsen, born mid 1866 somewhere in Denmark. Possibly had a brother named Hans P. Lauritsen/Lauridsen.

Surnames: Lauritsen/Lauridsen - Pedersen - Nilsson - Bergesdotter/Bergesson

Dr. Ron Ottery
Description: Researching the Ottery name, orginally came from London around 1770's.

Surnames: Ottery

Ed Overbo
Description: My ancestors lived in the Telemark County, Norway in the Seljord and Amotsdal areas.

Surnames: Overbo, Kvammen, Gjermundson, Johansdotter, Skori, Ronjom, Netten, Aslakson, Trae, Asmundson, Eivindson, Torson, Olavson, Vestgarden, Gardvik, Sudbo, Jonson, Zachairson, Rolvsdotter, Steinarson, Gunnarson, Aslaksdotter, Hermodsdotter,

Norma Jane Stolte
Description: Nils Salomon Lindberg immigrated from Sweden in 1904 to Alberta with wife and 3 children.

Surnames: Lindberg, Persdotter

Jack Potter
Description: Looking for any info on the Potters in ellisburgh N.Y.from 1790 on.

Surnames: Jsut Potter right now

Howard J. Witzenburger
Description: I looking for information about Anna Spengler the Wife of Henry Witzenburger.
She was born Abt. <1845> in Bavaria, Germany

Surnames: Witzenburger, Spengler, Engelbach, Beyer, Keely, Schubert, Cotterell, Browning, MacCabe, McCabe, Erb, Patrick, Pickett, Morson, Waserman, DeCrotie, Machmiller, Bishop

T. Roberts
Description: Searching for Mary Jane Castleberry and family (father, John R. and Mother, Margaret Ann) who married Columbus Clay Roberts in about 1872 in Arkansas and had children: Dora, Nola, Cynthia, Jefferson Davis, Jim, and Savanah (Vannie)....
Thank you!

Surnames: Roberts, Castleberry, Potter, McKuin, etc.

Einar Kr. Holtet
Description: Ancestry Search (sisters of my great grandfather)

Surnames: Ottersen, Otterson, Oterson, Holtet, Johansen

Brenda oetjen
Description: seeking information on John Cleeton(b. 1865) and Elizabeth Pettijohn(b. 1867). lived in Mo. Moved to Canada to homestead. Came back to Mo. aft. 1910.

Surnames: Cleeton, Pettijohn, Trotter, Davis, Isom, Bagley

Barbara Cofer
Description: I don't know what sort of description is needed here. Surely not a physical one? I'm just researching the listed surnames. I'm originally from NYC, but now live in MO.

Surnames: Whitney, (Thomas, John, Jonathan, Lydia); Bray (Mary); Jones (Moses, Lydia); Adams, (Lydia);
Also Fairbanks, Armstrong, Babcock/Badcocl; Baker, Balding/Baldwin, Banks, Bernon, Bassett, Bourne, Brownell, Cadman, Cleveland, Collynge/Cooledge, Cooke, Darbe, Davis, DeClyne/DeKlein, Dexter,
Field, Fiske, Gregory, Haight/Hoyt, Harris, Hathaway,Hoskins; Kip/DeKype, Lispenard, Livermore, Lyon, Marshall, Mayse, Moore, Morse, Nash, Paine, Palmer, Pearce, Pope, Potter, Robertson, Ross, Russell, Sherman, Simmons, Smith, Symonds, Taintor, Tourtellotte, Upton, Verney, Walker, Wans(h)ear, Warren, Webb, Whipple, White, Wilbur/Wilbore, Willie,
Wray, Wright, Wyth.

James F. Anderson
Description: I have started to finish the work begun by my grandmother on our family. I currently trying to trace information on the Anderson line in my family although I have many more branches I can work on as well. I am having trouble finding parents or siblings of a Burrit. From what little I have obtained he was born in or around 1808 possibly in New Jersey. He then married Mary Amanda Walling and they had about 12 children. Their son Warren born in 1837-38 is my g-g-grandfather.

Surnames: Anderson, Ballantyne, Barker, Barnett, Batchelor, Bates, Bigelow, Bishop, Bowman, Colburn, Cole, Coleman, Cullen, Dailey, DeBoer, Dickey, Evans, Francis, Francisco, Harris, Harvey, Hill, Hodges, Hogan, Irwin, Jones, Judd,
Kling, Kuperus, Longcor, Maas, Malefyt, Miller, Munson, Nichols, Oterson, Plummer, Poll, Reynolds, Roylance, Rykse, Schmidt, Scott, Schotter, Seitz, Slate, Smith, Spencer, Stroo, Sullivan, Vaughan, others added daily.

Deb Chapman
Description: Looking for parents of Bruce M. Frazier b. 1835 in Middlefield, Geauga County, OH. Married Mary Catherine Boughner in Fillmore, MN.

Surnames: Baird, Briscoe, Chapman, Frazier, Jones, Mitchell, Parsons, Packham, Potter

Matthew Cotter

Surnames: COTTER

elizabeth ingram
Description: looking for imfo about cherokee heritage.mother's ggrandfather was full blood .need proof. mother:vera cloe TROTTER -born 3/1911 Rockwall texas? father: onnie j. INGRAM born 11/26/1902. rockwall,tx. Her ggrandfather: WHITEHORSE was shot and killed by cattle rustlers in texas. Need any imfo, Thanks.


Ida Peacock
Description: tring to find parents to my ggfather Milton S. McDowell Born in Iowa

Surnames: McDowell, Lotter, Vannoy, Jones,Hogg

Description: I am looking for Essie Edith Pruitt b.1912 Biloxie, Mississippi and died 1993 Dallas, Texas. Was married to Curtis Dewit Janeway 1912-1960. They had two children, Robert and Mary Jo.

Surnames: Pruitt,Janeway,Winans,Clark,Ide,Dean,Carr, Smith, Thompson, Childers,Brown,Hoagland,DeKey,Cottered,Arter

sue baker
Description: Wanklyn family originating from Herefordshire

Surnames: Wanklyn, Young, Cotterell, Milward, Gwilliam, Price,

Anne Mereness Strupp
Description: family research


PJ Canfield
Description: Searching for Eugene Alcide Jolin
possible born in Canada. MI, Me, or Mass.
late 1800's married to Annie Haszeldine 1928
in LaBelle Quebec, CA .
They had four children in Worcester Ma.
He remarried to a Lillian Boulangere afterwards.

Surnames: Family names, Guerard,(girouard, girard) Goulet, Dion, Pacquin, Trotter, Julien, Jobin, Jouline, Jolicoeur, Poulin, Poulliet and more

Description: We have Melania Heintz who married Faleix Pasquay. Their daughter Philomena, married George Potter in 1871 in Niagara Falls, N.Y.
George is my side of the family.
I know Melania was born in Strauburg, France or Alsase-Lorraine.
Would like more info on Melania and Faleix.Contact me at

Surnames: Heintz, Pasquay, Potter, Stewart, Hilton, Goodwillie, Stokes, Belton, Bullock, Britten,Twiddy

Joe Carr
Description: I am researching the Carr / O'Keeffe family of Cork, Ireland. I have a personal site at where you can see my full databases.

Surnames: Carr, O'Keeffe, Cotter, and Rohan

Description: Family search

Surnames: Cotter, Davison, Sampson, Lawry, Bull, hocking,
Tippett, Edmonstone

fran potter mizer
Description: Searching for Linden/Lindon/Lyndon/Lynden
Potter B. 1847 D. 1918

Surnames: Potter

Jennie Potter
Description: Jennie Potter was born in NY Sept. 1855 Married to Linden Potter but was not buried with him in Tioga Point Cemetry in PA
Linden and Jennie had 3 children
Frank 1885-1955 his wife Mildred 1895-1968
Louise ( unknown )
Mabel (unknown )
Linden and Jennie lived in South Waverly Borough Bradford , County PA
Looking for any kind of inf. to put them in the blanks in my family records.
Fran Potter Mizer

Surnames: Potter

Denise Trotter-Hall

Surnames: Looking for information on a Jackson J Trotter.
Jackson married Magdalena D Garcia. They had two children Edward Alexander Trotter and George Trotter. George Trotter married Stella Rojas and had seven children. Edward A Trotter never married and had on child out of wedlock with Vivian Alvarado. Any information someone can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Bill Potter
Description: Looking for the link between my known direct ancestors and the family of John Fox Potter.
He was born in Augusta Maine on May 11, 1817 and died on May 18, 1899. He was married to FrancessE. L. Fox.

Surnames: Potter

Sue Blevins Kovack
Description: I posted my email address wrong so this is a correction>>>>>> I am researching the Blevins family of Souithwest Virginia and descendants of Linkhorn Blevins and related family surnames connected with our lineage.

Surnames: Blevins, Ratliff, Mullins, Hughes, James ,Bates and Potters and branches from these surnames too.

Emma M. Rohrbach
Description: John Wesley Benscoter and Ada Betsey Roberts(2nd Great Grandparents) Prudence J(Elva) Benscoter (1st great and james cotter).

Surnames: Benscoter, Cotter, Harris, others

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